At the right side of the brain

I've been meaning to create this blog for awhile, and now it finally materialized. I'd like to share my thoughts and developments on projects I delve into, thoughts on other designs, web pages, campaigns, and exhibits.

An in depth analysis in Computer Arts, by Paul Birch and Craig Grannell, made me decide to use "At the right side of the brain" as a title for this blog. It stated:

What is known is that the brain is actually two brains. The neocortex is two halves connected only by a bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum. You might have heard that the left side of the brain handles logical, sequential, verbal and numerical thinking while the right side handles spatial, artistic, holistic thinking. It is true that in the vast majority of people the speech centres reside in the left hemisphere, but the rest of this model is way too simplistic. It does, however, seem as if the area of your head that handles art, imagery and design sits somewhere different to the area that handles logic and words. It is certainly the case that the most effective idea sessions are those that separate the creative area from the logical, evaluative area. <more>
What's lurking in my head is, what would be my blogs difference from other blogs or sites? What right do I have to tackle topics wherein, maybe a group of exceptional people thought of? These questions I answer with one word: none. However, I have high confidence in my creativity and judgement. I'm not afraid to commit mistakes. I'm harnessing the habit of laughing at myself. It's not bad. I think.

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