Learning Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS2 Online for FREE

In this advanced class in Adobe Photoshop CS2, you'll learn to create complex images and learn some special techniques in the areas of image creation, editing, selection and correction. You'll also explore layer masks in depth then you'll apply your wide range of skills and knowledge of Photoshop to create composite images ranging from the simple to complex.

Finally a FREE online course for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Offered by HP Learning Center, it's really exciting to learn advanced things from them. Though  CS3 is already available for sometime, it's always great to stumble upon a few tips and tricks from the masters. Instructed by Joanne Watkins, who has more than 15 years of experience as a training specialist and professional graphic designer. She has expertise in the major image editing, illustration, electronic prepress, and web software. Joanne is a training specialist for a major Fortune 500 company, where she develops e-learning courses and teaches classes in computer software and presentation skills. In addition, she is an associate professor in the multimedia department of Richland Community College in Dallas, Texas, where she teaches an online Introduction to Multimedia course. She previously worked for a major software company as a technical support engineer, writer, editor, and web producer. When she's not teaching or designing, Joanne maintains her own website and volunteers in a computer assistance program for senior adults.

Here's what you'd learn:

  • Learn new techniques for image editing
  • Explore color corrections
  • Learn about layer masks
  • Learn to create simple and complex images

Learning is a continous process, and this is something a designer should bear in mind. Kudos to HP Learning Center for coming up with such courses.

What are you waiting for? Enroll now! 


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